About MYP…I Mean Me: Yezmin Parziale

I was all about arts ever since I can remember so my future in the artistic field was pretty much set from the beginning. So that brings us to today, I have a Bachelor of Arts in Advertisement, graduated top of my class from UNIBE university in the Dominican Republic and I’ve been working in my field since 2002. I speak 3 languages: English, Spanish and Japanese and my hobbies are traveling, drawing, oil painting, playing the piano and…wait for it…video games! I started working as a graphic designer for a small design studio back in 2002 and after that I worked as a graphic design teacher at a local institute. Finally, after gathering enough experience I started my own design studio where I was able to work along an awesome team of designers. After coming to the United States to the present date I’ve been a self-employed Graphic Designer. My skills cover different aspects of graphic design such as corporate identity (logo) design, print design, book/magazine layout design, branding, web design (WordPress websites) and digital marketing. My goal is: “Happy Clients”.

Why MY Parziale? Well… Michael and Yezmin Parziale! Behind the scenes I get some help from my incredible husband (and some other awesome team players). So we make the MY team!

Why Use MY Services?

1. Professional here!
2. Committed to MY clients 100%!
3. Deliver on time!

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